Pain Management

Learn more about our options for Pain Management before and after treatment.
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Veterinary Rehabilitation Techniques

We use physical medicine techniques such as Myofascial Trigger Point therapy, massage, and a bioelectric whirlpool to augment pain medications in order to treat a postoperative patient’s pain most effectively. We can achieve our rehabilitation goals by combining an underwater treadmill with numerous therapeutic exercises.

Pain Management

Many animals we see are in pain, whether the result of injury, surgery or a degenerative condition such as arthritis. In some cases, rehabilitation can provide an alternative to surgery, or reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription pain medication.

Typically, the goals of our treatment plans are to increase your pet’s mobility and functionality. We accomplish these through Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Extracorporeal Shock wave Therapy, Intra-articular injections, Therapeutic Laser to treat:

  • Acute postoperative pain
  • Acute pain associated with trauma and primary athletic injury
  • Chronic pain of osteoarthritis
  • Pain associated with Intervertebral disk disease

Just like in humans, adequate pain management in animals helps to promote healing. We know that pain slows healing—if the body is in pain, the healing process becomes compromised. Reducing your pet’s pain is often the first step toward increasing mobility.